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About Cogood

Cogood Space is a new five-story organic building, the architectural design concept emphasizes on the symbiosis between human and nature, and the interaction between human and human, the unique building is located in the streets of the old city, which reflects with the ancient meaning of the capital city. The entire building exterior is a large area of glass curtains, can introduce sufficient sunlight to the interior, so that the building activities, you can always see the sky, feel the outdoor changes throughout the day, when the night falls, the interior light makes the whole building looks like a big city lantern, interesting and full of fun!

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Individual Office

Office space for teams of 3-5, 6-8 people … you’ll have more than just a suitcase and other financial tools to move into the space!


Shared Office Space

Suitable for nomadic work, one-person company … directly experience a card suitcase can be immediately stationed, can strongly feel “work is so simple and free”.

Hot Table

Suitable for freelance and nomadic work, workers in this semi-open way directly experience “bring a computer, pick a location, and immediately work”.

Business Registration

Provide team business registration services.



Meeting Room Rental

From small meeting rooms for 3-5 people, large meeting rooms for 8-10 people, and even open meeting spaces for up to 15 people, discussion is no longer a difficult task.

Event Space Rental

Provide multi-functional venues for teams to organize brand curation, seminars, flash markets and other activities to help you enhance your brand and expand your market.


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